Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival

FILE – In this Dec. 25, 2010 file photo, a festival official touches the lip of a young expensive Majahim, dark-skinned originally from Najd, Saudi Arabia, camel during the final day of Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival in outskirt of Zayed City about 120 kms south west of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Scientists say the mysterious MERS virus has been infecting camels in Saudi Arabia for at least two decades and that previous human cases have probably been missed. Since the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus was first identified in 2012, doctors have struggled to explain how most patients have fallen sick. MERS can cause symptoms including fever, breathing problems and kidney failure. To date, it has killed more than 180 people, mostly in the Middle East though infections have also spread to Europe and northern Africa. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili, File)


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