Predictions for 8th stage and Finals (based on 16th stage results) Winner of the cup is Colombia

التصنيف QهوQ Index: the higher the better :

بناءا على نتائج الدور ٣٢


Germany = 60.5

Brazil = 59.5

Argentina= 58

Colombia= 57.5

Belgium = 54

Holland = 49

France= 46

Costa Rica = 35

التصنيف S مبني على نتائج الدور ١٦: S=Q+P*10+(Gf-GA)*5

Example. : Germany S= 60.5+20+5= 85.5

Brazil = 69.5

83 =Argentine

Colombia= 87.5

Belgium = 79

Holland = 74

France= 76

Costa Rica = 45

النتائج المتوقعة لدور ال 8 هي:

France vs Germany 1-2

(S=76 vs 85.5)l

Brazil vs Colombia 0-2 (S=69.5 vs 87.5)l

Argentine vs Belgium 2-1 (S=83 vs 79)l. Extended

Holland vs Costa Rica 3-0 (S=74 vs 45)l

نصف النهائي:Half Finals

Germany vs Colombia 1-2 (S=85.5 vs 87.5)lExtended

Holland vs Argentine 0-1 (S=74 vs 83)l

النهائي: Final

Argentine vs Colombia 1-2 (S=83 vs 87.5)l Extended

The Cup holder is Colombia

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